Friday 5 June 2009

Update on Kitten

Well as promised here is a photo of the Kitten (he is a he!!), he is so cute, and when his mummy is having a break, he is by my side, helping me with my blogging.... I have had some great names for him, and anymore are welcome, now that we know the sex.......Hugs Avril xxx


Nannieflash said...

oh Avril hes so very precious and tiny, you certainly carnt help loving him, and I carnt see you parting with him either, I do so hope he continues to grow and stay healthy.
Take care my love and have a wonderful weekend. Love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh he looks so cute, I want him. lol. Have a great weekend,
Love Sue x

Dawn said...

Awww he is a sweetie - I think he looks like a Milo.... I always said if I got a male cat he'd be called Milo but ended up with two sisters instead¬!!


Di's Dooodles said...

Awwwwww he is so sweet & looks just like my Sootie.

Tam said...

Hi Avril,
Gorgeous kitten. He is identical to my Tiger.
Congrats on your award also.
I think Tiger is suitable name as his colouring will also give to his nature.

Janet said...

Hi Avril,

Oh how adorable!

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lynne said...

how sweet lots ofcuddles lynne xx

Jacee said...

What a sweet little kitten, he's adorable.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww!!!! he's so cute!!! (making me want another!!!) two's bad enough hehe only joking! he's a cutie xxx