Sunday, 28 June 2009

Internet Explorer Problems

Hi all thanks for your comments about my internet problems. I am sorry that you all seem to be having problems too and believe me this is my life line, talking to all you lovely gals..... Allen could not make it through yesterday (well they are young, just got their 1st flat, so my PC problems are very far down the list...) I decided to download Firefox which took just a couple of minutes, I can see your blogs now, but lost my music etc, etc, I am sure this could be fixed, but I don't know how......I have missed a few challenges this week cos off this problems, so I am saying Hurrah to a New Week......Love to you all on this dreary Sunday Morning... Huggies Avril xxx


coldwaters2 said...

Hi glad you got the problem sorted I am finding that the music player is causing a lot of problems when visiting blogs and I had to delete my lovely music or I couldn't post anything on my blog once I did that everything is fine.

Lorraine x

xxNikkixx said...

my music isn't working either xxx

Leslie said...

Avril--YOU WON a gracious giveaway on my blog!

Please email me:

Kerrie said...

Avril, its great to have you back, missed you.... what did we do before computers!.... they are our way of communication, and I would be totally lost without mine. I forget what a pen looks like (LOL) hugs Kerrie x x

Lesley said...

sorry you've had problems - hope things are sorted now - Lesley x

Jacee said...

Oh Avril, I've been trying to get into your blog for what seems like ages, had up-dated with 'Explorer 8' recently, it's been nothing but trouble, I just can't get into yours, and quite a few other sites, in the end I uninstalled it, I did that this afternoon and now it seems that I'm back to normal,(I hope) I'm on the laptop at the moment, after messing on the other one for the last few days I've had enough of it, not done any card making because of it, I did miss you and all my other blogging friends!