Saturday, 30 January 2010

ECP - CH5 - Valentine for a Man

Evening ladies, have you wondered where I have been, along with the ECP challenge.....did you think we had done a runner..LOL...I have been moving my crafting goodies, from my Shed to the Kitchen, I had had a couple of falls again this week, so lost me confidence in going outside on my own, so yesterday Brian decided to get the kitchen carpeted and move things, so now I have a wee cosy niche, and no worries about falling....

This weeks project for ECP was delayed too, due to technical diffuculties, but we are back with a fabulous challenge and a great new Sponsor, with some fab goodies for our winner off this challenge.  We want you to do a "Valentine for a Man"  now we know that these peskie man cards are a pain, but the 14th of February will be here before you know here is your chance to get it done and dusted.....Jane Doodles, is going to kindly donate printable and some of her home-made fimo buttons, to the winner, now I don't know if you have seen Jane's fabulous designs, if you have you know what a great prize you are getting here, but if not, please pop over and check out her amazing designs...I kept my card quite simple, and used a free image from the super talented Terry.   I tried to do a grafitti, style, design on the backing card, hope it works, and used some gems, glossy accents and scrap paper from my stash.  Hope you like girls.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Its fabulous Avril. Glad to hear crafting can continue. Have to put my Thinking Head on for this one...hmmmm..... Lx

Lilacanglia said...

fantastic card,
Oh my hope the falls were not bad ones,
Glad you have moved into the kitchen now,
more comfortable and warmer and safer,

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Avril Ann,
Glad you've given up the shed. Much safer inside. Great card. I love the colours and the image is sweet.
Didn't go to Costco - bad day on Friday. Hope to go on Wednesday - is that any good to you? If not don't worry it's more important that you look after yourself.
Fiona x

Cheryl said...

hi sweetie this is great fun image too so glad you have given up the shed hun will email you soon hugs cheryl xxx

Clare said...

Hi Avril, so sorry to hear about your recent falls hun. Your illness sounds quite similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis which i have so i can definitely sympathise with you matey. Thankgoodness for our crafting!!! that is great that hubby has sorted you out a area in the kitchen, sounds very supportive like my hubby.
What a great card, she definitely looks like a hip chick!!! love the colours & the graffiti background. Hugs Clare xxx

gina g said...

Hi Avril Fab card darlin sorry you've had another fall, but at least you have all your crafting goodies in doors now so you can stay in doors all cosy and warm. Take care luv gina xx

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh the look on her face is soooo devilish! too cute. glad you got a nice little niche - INSIDE!

hugs :)

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you've taken a tumble Avril, hope you're ok, and glad to hear your tucked up in the warmth of the house. I sew in my shed and know how cold it can be so worried about you. Your card is great, simple and trendy.
x Michelle

Teri said...

So he finally got the hint then. Glad he's moved you into the house now, much safer. Love the card - very sassy!!
Look after yourself hun!
Teri xx

Sarpreet said...

fabulous card, brilliant layout

Terry Oulboub said...

You know when you said you would craft in your shed, I just assumed it was your cute name for your crafty glad you are inside and not falling. This is a cute little card. I love that red and black - all those hearts and kisses - very creative! ;D So glad you like the image too. HEEHEE

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