Thursday, 31 December 2009

No Cards - A Picture of our Kitten in the Tree

Well friends the last day off the year and in fact the it really 10 years since Millenium madness...and what a lot has happened......I have made some cards but they are for projects next week, so I am sorry, to tease you, but you will have to come back, tomorrow for the 1st the year......
I thought I would post a picture off our Kitten, who has no name yet, so names please.......and a surprise Candy for the Winners......our Cat Poppy had 3 kittens in August and as yet no homes have been found so I guess they are staying, there are 2 girls and a boy, all black and white...this girl is very clever she opens the door and lets herself and here brother, sister, Mum, and 2 Aunties in.......this is the 1st year that I am sure our tree will not be up until 12th night (Brian is threatening to take it down today.....yikees, I am afraid to go to the shed....), as you can see it is pretty we are looking for 3 names, 2 for girls and 1 for a boy, the boy is the quietest off all, our present cats are called Pip, Poppy and Baby (Baby was raised by me as a kitten, as her mother was unfortunately run over, a couple off days after she was born, so hence the name...).

Remember also you have until Midnight on the 3rd off January to enter The Stamp Man, blog hop, (post below),  I am amazed at all the entries all ready, there are 400 brads and also a surprise for 1 other......I don't think that the stocking will be going up the loft this year....LOL.....

Have a fabulous "Hogmany" and raise a glass at the BELLS to friends Old and New.....Much Love Avril xxxx


Liz said...

Avril is a pleasure coming over to your blog for some "eye candy" Will try to get back tomorrow if the "head" is not too sore I can't beleive we are hours away from 2010 either!
Have a good year! Hugs Liz xx

Debbie Dolphin said...

Awh sooo cute.He looks abit like ours!!!lol
Have a great new year
debbie xxxx

Fern said...

Awh, your cat is so cute! Thanks for your comment on my card, a sizzix machine sounds great... are they like cuttlebugs? And yes my birthday is soon.. 15 days! I might have a little candy to celebrate too! :O)

Happy New Year!

Fern xx

Maria Matter said...

oh, this is too sweet Avril, thanks for my first smile this morning! kittens can be so entertaining! lol
Wishing you a Happy New Year, may it be your best yet!!!
blessings, Maria

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

first, a very happy and joyous new year, my dear friend. i thank you for a year of smiles, giggles and wows and look forward to more in 2010.

i think the cat in the tree should be named "christmas" as for the other 2, i think i'd need to see pictures.

happy new year!


Nannieflash said...

Hi Avril, well I think that kitten in the tree should be named mischief as she certainly looks as though she causes a lot of havoc, I had a cat named Lucy who used to open doors and knock on the front door when she wanted to come in, and Jason for the lad, he sounds rather superior. Hope you soon get into your Shed, and the snow is thawing. Take care my love, and Happy New Year to you, with love and huge hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

Cheryl said...

hi hun what a cute cat bless her,think she should be called Jade because of those gorjus eyes,they are stunning,and for the others,will have a think and get back to you oh Gizmo could be the little boy and cindy for one of the girls cinderella,and how abou tinkerbell for the other one tink for short happy safe,peacful and health new year my friend,thanks for your kindness and your support love you hun hugs cheryl xxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte said...

Yes, kittens can cause chaos at Christmas time. Our two cats are three now, so they aren't as bothered about the tree as they used to be!
As for names, for the girls - Bella and Missy.
For the little boy, I think you should call him Merlin. One of our cats is called Merlin - he keeps himself to himself, is quiet and wise!

Susan said...

LOL - at least she is still in the tree - our cats smanaged to knock the tree down several times!
A great name would be Candy - she is so sweet and adorable! However there's mischief in those eyes!
Happy New Year

Christine said...

Hi Avril hope you had a great Xmas looks like you have lots of fun with these kittens names to think of are..Holly, Ivy..Noel..we had a cat years ago & she was called Kizzy..also dogs names were Zara, Pippa..& Ebony..(king charles cavaliers)very best wishes to you & yours dear friend for 2010..hope its healthier & peaceful??

Big Hugs Yorkshire Pudding..

PatR said...

Such a cute kitty. Happy New Year Avril
Pat xx


Fab Pic Avril and A Happy new Year to you and your family
Hugs Dianne xx

JanJay said...

Fab picture hunni, what a cutie! I think you should call her Candy as she's next to a candy cane in the pic.

Happy New Year to you & your family

Jan xx

craft_princess said...

The kitty in the tree looks like she has white booties on her feet so I think her name should be Socks!! I asked the hubby to participate in this also and he thinks the other two should be Alice and Reno. But I like Whiskers and Lucy! LOL! Fun trying to think of names!
Happy New Year!

Irene said...

Hello Avril

What about Isaac. Or what about Gem and Mini the heavenly twins.


Pinkllilac said...

Hi Karen Happy New Year to you and all your family, the kitten looks so so cute and as there is a candy in the pic I think you should call her Candy, great picture.
Hugs Linda