Wednesday 23 September 2009


Hi everyone, OMG it had been more than 2 weeks since I spoke to any off you.  I have missed you all so much.

My computer has had a major overhaul and I just got it back this morning.   We had just bought Tommy a PS3 for his birthday on the 9th September and as I was about to post my TT Card and Bookmark the computer broke down, you know I have had problems with it overheating and such like, so it was bound to happen at some point.  I have not been doing much crafting as all my notes were on my computer, I will not do that again, computers do not take the place of pen and paper LOL.  I am off to check out how you are all getting on and try and pick up a couple of challenges to get stuck into, my shed has had a good clear out and is looking to tidy.....have to mess it to you all, I will leave you with a picture of Tommy opening his PS3 and blowing out the candles on his cake (which he needed about 6 tries, and he is only 9) on his birthday and the last card I made which was a Jeff Hardy birthday card for him.   Not only had my computer broke but also had to replace Tommy's TV as the day after his birthday, his broke down also, this has been an expensive month, so Xmas is getting to close now, LOL.  Hugs to you all, glad to be back, Avril xxxxx


coldwaters2 said...

welcome back Avril you have been missed

Lorraine x

Julia Dunnit said...

Aha! Welcome back to cyber crafting! Love the first pic - is that Tommy's brother with his hands in his pockets looking a bit cheesed off?!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

glad to hear from you again! Oh, looks like he had a great day! Love your lo!!

blackdragon said...

Hello my friend, i missed you so much!!!!!
Glad tommy had a great day... my son is tom and as a lad we called him tommy too.
we at s-cats have all wondered where you were... really pleased it was only a puter problem.
Keep safe happy crafting.... and i'm in a 'shed' at the bottom of the garden now instead of the old coal house.LUXURY!
love always lynx


Hi Avril
Nice to have you back missed you,
Hugs Dianne xx

Mel said...

Hey pet, glad your back! Isn't typical when you go to do something the computer fails you! looks like he had a fab birthday! Take care pet!! xxx

Lilacanglia said...

welcome back Avril,
Missed ya tons, glad your back,
Angie xx

Christine said...

Welcome back dear friend Avril I have been checking on you to see where you had gone thought a cruise maybe we all wish dont we.. no chance of a hol for me sadly..anyhow nice to see you back..

hugs Christine xx

Kazabing said...

Glad to see you back hunni, thought you were glued to the naughty


Merry said...

So good to see you back online Avril...looks like Tommy had a wonderful time.

Stef H said...

oh, i have so missed you! glad you are back and all is well. looks like tommy is in heaven!!!


Unknown said...

AT LAST !!!! lol welcome back.had a great day in edinburgh on monday THANK YOU....i have done a couple of xmas cards with all my new stuff hopefully get them posted tomorrow camera needs battaries love you loads nikki xxxx

Victoria said...

welcome back hun! How horrible to have your PC break


CraftyC said...

Welcome back Avril Ann!!!

Nannieflash said...

Welcome back Avril, Ive certainly miss you it will be lovely to hear from you again. Try not cook your computer again, I did the same with my laptop, and have learn my lesson. Im glad to hear that Tommy had a wonderful birthday, with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

i have just signed into sineads blog her card isn't even there lol she must have done something wrong..was at kirkaldy with mjairi lastnight she got her rug and new curtains so she is happy love and miss you loads nikki xxxxx