Sunday, 9 August 2009

Messed up card for Promarker Challenge

Good Sunday evening to all my friends. I have a card to post, which has to date been my least favourite card, but I suppose you have to show the bad with the good. I don't know how my brain works sometimes, but from the house to the shed, this sketch went completely wrong, I may yet have another go, although fitting in the time will be difficult. Brian had a night out in Dundee last night with a friend who came up from Lincoln, he has so very few nights out, that I felt I could not complain. He brought our 2 grandchildren home with him this afternoon, John 2 on the 23 August and Sinead who is just 11 past july. It is pandamonium in this house....grandad is tired from his night out and had to go for a wee sleep, I was trying to put my card together for Tuesday Taggers and John was putting my electricity out in the shed, running all over the garden. The house is worse, 2 kittens due to go to new homes on Tuesday are running about, the big cats are trying to avoid John like the plague and Poppy had 4 kittens on Saturday night......OMG I am exhausted just telling you all this.

I also have some awards to give out tonight. I have been one lucky girl this week and have been given numerous awards from my blogging friends, thank you so much ladies for thinking so highly off me and giving me these awards.

Well it is Monday morning I am still not finished this post....LOL. I can hear movement upstairs, hopefully it is Sinead and Tommy, who will be happy to watch TV for a wee while until I get this done, but if it is John, I guess this will not get posted yet.....bear with me my friends.

Back to the Awards are you confused?????cos I am......LOL

I have had awards given to me this week from Shirley, Kerrie, Lainy, & Sharon. I probably won't have time to give out these awards separetly, so I would like for every one who visits my blog this week and does not have these cracking awards to help themselves, I am honestly over the moon with all the awards I receive and the comments on my blog are just the best. Thank you so much. I would also like to thank everyone who went and had a look and even followed my daughter Nikki's blog, she has not much stamping things, but I hope to help her rectify that this week, she is delighted with the followers and awards given to her already, she really is a special girl and I wish she lived nearer so that we can craft together....

The 1st I got from Shirley, thank you so much Shirley, you are a GREAT FRIEND. I also got this from Kerrie, I would love you all to go over if you have not already done so and check out their fabulous blogs, they are very talented ladies, This has conditions, I have to give you 5 things I like to do and pass it onto 5 people,

5 things I like to do:

  1. Spend time with my Family, I am usually surrounded by my kids and grandchildren and there is no better thing in the world.
  2. I love to have a night out with my Husband, these are very not very frequent for many reasons, but when we go out we love having this time together and really enjoy ourselves
  3. I love to Craft, I spend any spare time squirrled away in my Shed trying to create works of LOVE
  4. I love to catch up on my Blogging Friends, I have had a new lease of life since joining Blogland at the end of March and have found many many friends, that I hope one day to meet.
  5. Reading and Listening to Music. I have loved books and music since I was a wee girl, I read all the Enid Blyton's and now I read anything that has a "happy ending", my uncles were a couple of years older than me, and at school, I was brainwashed to listen to the top 5 on a Tuesday lunchtime and tell them in order, this was 1967 and my love of music was born at the age of 4 years old.
For any of my friends who don't have this award already, please feel free to take it and place it on your blog.

The next 3 awards I got from Lainy, I am overwhelmed that she has given me these three awards, the Honest Scrapper award asks for a list of 10 honest things about you, so here goes girls I hope I don't shock you.

10 Honest things about me:-

  1. I never Lie
  2. I hate Lies
  3. I once stole a Green and White Rubber from Boots, my Mum gave me the hiding of my life...but I loved that rubber.
  4. I smoke, but would love to give up......
  5. I hardly ever drink, and did not drink until I was 33..
  6. I am addicted to Crime themed dramas on Television, I watch them all
  7. I hate Football and Golf.....especially on TV
  8. I hate Soap Operas, they are so blooming depressing....
  9. I passed my Driving Test after 9 Lessons
  10. I used to be a Biker......yes ladies a Biker......
The next 2 are also from Lainy, please go over and check out her blog, she is a very talented crafter. Thank you again Lainy for these awards I am overwhelmed, (I think I am repeating myself now.....) LOL. As I have said ladies I would love you take them for yourselves, I am sitting here surrounded by my grandchildren and cannot think straight, we have John mopping the floor, Tommy and Sinead watch Shrek (which I know off by heart...) LOL

The last award I received from Sharon, she has made this award up herself, and is very beautiful, so ladies if you don't have it, which you probably won't, please take it, put it on your blog and pass on the award, I wish you all a "Sunshine Day", even though the rain is coming down in buckets..... Sharon is a fellow Scot's girl with a wicked sense of humour, a dog lover and a fantastic crafter, please take the time to pop over and check out her blog.

Finally, I can draw a breath.....I hope you are all still with me. LOL. If I go AWOL over the next couple of day, you will know that I am spending quality time with my gorgeous Grandchildren, I just hope the weather improves, so that we can have days out at the park and beach....Much love to you all my lovely, lovely friends. Ta!Ta! for now....Avril xxxxx


Lesley said...

Avril sound like a busy weekend - I like the card
Lesley x

xxNikkixx said...

Card is lovely......John is keeping you busy then...i am having he time of my life just relaxing so thank you for having them love you loads xxxxxxxxx

Nannieflash said...

Hi Avril, you certainly sound a busy lady, well done and congratulations on the awards, you so deserve them, glad to hear that Nikki is also enjoying hers and her blog. Dont worry about your card, its really lovely, and with Janets stamp you carnt ever go wrong. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

well you definitely CANNOT say your life is boring! it sure isn't from all this! great awards and congrats. you definitely deserve them.

i need a nap after reading all this - bwwahhahhhaaaa!

oh, the card is beautiful. leave it alone!


Angie said...

Its my turn now,
have left a little something on my blog for you,

Doodles said...

I love your card Avril, I don't think it is messed up at all. it is simply stunning. Hows the weather been in your part of Scotland here it been hot and humid and wet!!.

Hope your having a brilliant week so far sending you big hugs.


Tab said...

Oh sweetie your card is beautiful, I love the sweet image and the colours you have used!
Hugs Tab xxx

Christine said...

Congrats on ALL your awards dear Friend truly deserved & wow you certanly have a busy household mine is very boring compared to this...LOL we all make cards were not happy with cant see anything wrong with it Avril think you just got fed up..

hugs Christine xx

Bonibleaux Designs said...

My sweet little biker Babe!! Too funny, sorry I haven't been by in a bit. Recovering from surgery and trying to get ready for new school year and running around with my son. Ack! What a load of errands I have. Wow! That is a load of awards - but so very deserving!