Tuesday 25 August 2009

Can this Tuesday get any better

Afternoon ladies, I have had a wonderful day so far, really enjoyed watching craft day, I am using my fingers, far away from the phone, now as Prima Crafts is I said earlier on I have been a lucky girl again to be given 2 awards from my dearest friends Christine & Shirley, these ladies have been with me from the start of blogging and never fail to comment on my creations, which is really appreciated, from the very beginning I felt a great rapport with these awesome ladies, and I know many off you are already followers off their blogs, if you are reading this and are not, please pop over and see some off the wonderful cards they have made, truly inspiring. Thank you again for thinking off me for these awards.

This one is from Shirley and comes with a condition that you tell 5 secrets about yourself, now as Stef pointed out earlier on, if I tell you they won't be secrets anymore, LOL, so here goes:-

  1. I am a Craft Addict, honestly, yesterday I went down to my shed, to put an address in my book, and made a card.....I was supposed to be in town, buying my grandson's Birthday present.......
  2. I LOVE my Husband, so much it scares me.......I miss him when he is not here, how scary is that after 20plus years.
  3. My children are all grown up, and I am constantly, since Jenny was born 16 years ago, yearn for another, we have 6, more than enough in anyones book...
  4. I would love to foster children, preferably from disadvantaged backgrounds, when I worked at the local school, I worked with Disabled and Troubled teenagers and I would have taken them all home, if I had been allowed.
  5. I am a chocoholic.......have to have chocolate somewhere in the house, or shed.....even my kids know where I stash it, so I have to constantly look for better hidding I think I have passed on my addiction to them.

Now some of these are my deepest secrets and wishes, I hope I have not disappointed you......

I would like to pass this award onto the following people, who have also become great friends of mine during the last 5 months or so, we are all so lucky to share this "Cyber World".

  1. Lyn
  2. Elaine
  3. Teri
  4. Nikki
  5. Steffiwoo

The Second award is from Christine and I would like to pass it onto the following people, who have also inspired me in my crafts, as you know I was a one-horse pony when I started here, and now I want to try everything......thanks for that girls..

  1. Riet
  2. Andy
  3. Boni
  4. Jess
  5. Heidi
  6. Sharon

I will be back after tea with another card I made, but I am waiting on the batteries charging... GRR, cancel no.3 above, kids are a pain....LOL....Speak soon Hugs Avril xxxx


Stef H said...

congrats on all those wonderful, well-deserved awards. to foster (or even want to foster) challenged children takes a very strong person and i have great admiration for you. my very best friend teaches severely challenged children and it amazes me the strength she has. she had tons of strength for me when i needed her. maybe that's why we've been friends over 40 years.

and have an xtra piece of chocolate on me!


Sammye Jo said...

Thanks for your comment on my cards at The Lime Light! I am now following your blog! Come visit me at

Riet said...

Thank you very much for your award Avril.

Hugs Riet.xx

Unknown said...

thank you for thr award.....i can't wait to see you too so looking forward to it...we'll have great day seeyou soon love you loads xxxxx

Sharon Noble said...

Hi Avril so so kind of you thank you for this beautiful award.
You made me smile with your lovely comment today thank you. The post man hasn't been yet i will let you know as soon as he has been. Thank you again for your kindness your very special and a great friend i am honoured to have met even if not in person so far. We can exchange telephone numbers if you feel comfortable so we can chat in person xxx
Hope your day is bright and beautiful
love Sharon xx

Teri said...

Good morning Avril :o) And many congrats on your two lovely awards! Thank you so much for thinking of me and passing the heart award onto me. It's a beauty and I haven't seen it before .... and I so appreciate it :o)

Teri xx

Boni Boutelle-Jones said...

OMY you crack me up! Kids are a pain and a blessing all at the same time and it really depends how much chocolate and crafty stash there is to make the pain more bearable! LOL Thank you so much for the Award, I lost all my other awards when my pictures went on holiday so it is good to get new ones!! LOL

blackdragon said...

Oh thank you so much..... hear you have joined the RAK club.... hadnt realized you a closet goth as well....we have lots in common kido... meet you at the 'club' sometime? love and hugs lynx

Crafting Andy said...

Thanks so much for the award. I have now put it on my blog.
Hugz. Andy.xx

Jess's Crafty Things said...

Hi Avril, thank you so much for my award - it means a lot to me! Jess xx