Thursday, 18 June 2009

Boni's Garage Sale Goodies

Hi all my friends, I am struggling to keep up with you all this week, my cold has reared it's ugly head again, I just cannot get rid off it, and I am so tired, from coughing and spluttering all night (I think if we had an extra room, my hubby would move into it...LOL), any way I need to post 2 items, cos the postman came today with some surprises and this really cheered me up. The 1st package was from Boni at you should pop over and check out her blog, she had been at a "Garage Sale" and decided to give some of her stash away, and she sent some to me all the way from America, I am really thrilled, she is a great blogger, and I am sure you will love her blog.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

good show! it's always great to get fun stuff - especially when you're feeling ill!

I love that you called me "steffi" in your comment and you spelled it right too!. Haven't heard that is ages and it sure brought back some happy memories.

hope you're feeling better soon, and can't wait to hear the "great news" next week!


Diamond Doll said...

Hi Avril,sorry to hear your poorly,I do hope you feel better soon.You got Fab goodies from Boni.
Trish (-: