Monday 25 May 2009

Good Morning

Hi all my blogging friends, to all off you who are enjoying this lovely weather, and are lucky to be on holiday (we had our holiday last week). Enjoy!!!!! I would like to thank every one for commenting on my challenge attempts, I realised that I did not link them to the challenge sites, but no matter, I will learn and enjoyed doing them, they kind off took me out of my comfort zone, so this is a good thing. Have a great day. I will be back later on to post a picture of a new addition to our family ( a wee kitten, who is only 1 week old and so gorgeous) I am waiting for the batteries charging up for my camera. Love to you all and once again Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving your lovely comments, it really does mean so much too me. Hugs Avril xxxx


Jacee said...

Hi Avril, can't wait to see the photo's of your new furry friend, I love pussycats too, unfortunatly we are not one of the lucky one's to be enjoying any sunshine, it's raining here, but never mind, a good excuse to craft!

Kazabing said...

Ditto, we want kitty photos pleeeeeeease.

Denise said...

Happy Memorial Day!