Monday 6 April 2009

Daughters Birthday Cards

As promised, I have got my daughter to take the pictures of the cards I made for my daughters birthday on April Fools day, one joke that did not go away at noon, (ha!ha!).

For the Daughter card I used the Lipstick Diva's kit, using (Dawn), as my daughter had lovely long blond hair, before she chopped it and went brown.

For the Sister and Auntie card I used the stickers from the Docrafts spring collection, I made it into a wardrobe style, which has not come out very well.

I am hoping to pick up a cheap camera that is not too fancy to use, so that I can take pictures myself.

Hope you all like them.




Hi Avril beautiful cards.Dianne xx

Aunty Sue said...

great card avril

Unknown said...

Hi mym
they cards you done Mhairi are great
love you xxxx